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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Workroom

This is the Kathleen's team hard at work preparing beautiful hand tied bouquets for your plearsure and enjoyment this Christmas time. Zoe has worked at Kathleen's and our sister shop Flower Design since she was 15 she is now a full time teacher and lives in Sheffield but she still comes back to help us with the busy times.

These are our "Christmas Cracker" & "Snow Flake"Hand Tied Designs

The "Festive Light" table centres are on the trolley ready for delivery.

Rosemary was in charge of the basket arrangements, all in all a big team effort.
We would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderous New Year!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Flowers at Kathleen's Florist

This is a selection of our glorious Christmas Flowers, Kathleen's has one of the very best selections of fresh flowers on The Fylde Coast this Christmas, our lovely florists will create the most beautiful Christmas bouquets imaginable. Our Christmas table centre pieces are quite spectacular, complete with candles and a sprinkling of Christmas magic.
The most beautiful Red Grand Prix Roses
Seriously lovely Red Ilex Verticularta Berries

Shell Pink anthuriums for an alternative to red Christmas colour scheme

Chocco Anthuriums

Asiatic Lily, such a warm beautiful shade.

Sumptuous Black Baccara Roses

Rachel working on Hand tieds for delivery.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Kathkeen's Christmas Night Out

We chose Number One South Beach for our Christmas Night out, it really is fantastic, the food, the service the decor and Mark (The owner) even bought us all a drink Thanks Mark! Rosemary who is in posession of the very best d├ęcolletage on the team and Shirl the Girl
The extremely sparkly and full of bling Caz & Emma who is simply uber gorgeous and usually works at Flower Design.

"Shirl the Girl" she scrubs up good or is she just seriously photogenic? and the best organiser in Britain Vivacious Vicky

Rosemary, Shirl, Vicky & Caz

Shirl, Emma, Vicky & Myles

Rosemary, Shirl & Vicky

Friday, 5 December 2008

Christmas Window Display 2008

Lytham Road is such a busy road so the window had to be bright and eye catching.

Ghost trees are just superb and can be used as an alternative Christmas tree

We wanted to create a real frosty forest look and I think we acheived just that.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Calla Lilies: A Study

Pale Pink Calla LilyPink Calla Lily "Captain Romance Calla Lily"
Black Calla Lily "Schwartzwalder Calla Lily"

Black Calla Lily "Schwartzwalder Calla Lily"

Red Calla Lily "Majestic Red Calla Lily"

White Arum Lily "Columbe De Pays Lily"

Orange Calla Lily "Mango Calla Lily"

Yellow Calla Lily

Mango Calla Lily

Aubergine & White Calla Lily "Picasso Calla Lily"

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Caroline Ellor Manager of Kathleen's Florist

This is Caroline/Caz, she has worked at Kathleen's for Eleven Years.
Caz is a very beautiful funeral florist and ribbon edges tributes with precision.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Christmas buying in Holland for Kathleen's

Jason and I went to Holland buying some lovely things for Christmas, we found some fabulous glassware and some really beautiful Christmas decorations.
We will be putting some of the goodies into our window display over the weekend, watch out for an amazing array.
At the auction the flowers are arranged in colour and variety order and it's just like looking at an ocean of flowers, it is quite spectacular. We look for new flower varieties for us to sell in both shops, we want to have a great show for our customers to see and choose from.
It is quite a treck to Aalsmeer, we leave Blackpool mid afternoon on Sunday and drive over to Hull, we get the overnight Ferry to Rotterdam, we drive to Rozenberg and then on to the ferry there crossing to Maassluis, we arrive in Aalsmeer around 9:45 just in time to see the flower auctions. We go to visit particular wholesalers and discuss our flower needs for the following month. We also buy from the massive Vase and Ceramic makers, visit packaging companies and some very up-market design houses for our Christmas Stock. We eat on the go and get back to Rotterdam for 7:30 to travel back to Hull. We usually get back in the shop by lunchtime on Tuesday.
This trip is not for the faint hearted, we go once a month from September-May and we hope our customers appreciate the lengths we go to to ensure really fabulous flowers and vases.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Major Rant!

Trials and tribulations, Kathleen’s was broken into in the early hours of Sunday morning. The most annoying thing is that amazingly the police actually caught the thieves red handed, actually inside the shop, the bit that is upsetting is that this does not guarantee a conviction, even more shocking is that one of these alleged thieves was very possibly the same person that was caught in precisely the same situation a few months ago and potentially the same person (he certainly matched a description given at the time) that came into the shop frightening the girls.
The thing is this Kathleen’s is a lovely shop, not necessarily the busiest shop in the world but it provides three/four florists with a livelihood, it provides the community with a proper florist shop, with qualified florists who can offer an excellent service in and out of the season.
All of this is in jeopardy because a couple of idiots think they can break in doing £1200.00 worth of damage to steal what absolutely does not belong to them, Kathleen’s has been broken into already a number of times this year, we have nothing to steal (Other than flowers) they cannot access the chemist via Kathleen’s or any other premises. But every time they break in, we have to replace the window, the door or pay for the roof to be repaired and though we can claim on our insurance (apart from the excess) our insurers will undoubtedly increase the premium or eventually insist on roller shutters which incidentally Kathleen’s quite simply can’t afford.
We asked the police woman (Who seems as frustrated as us) why a custodial sentence is un-likely, she explained that the accused may say that they were just passing by and happened to notice a big gaping hole in our door and so they climbed in to check that everything was ok, the reason they have some bits and pieces of the staffs property on their person is just to prevent any would be thieves from taking it, so they are in fact protecting it! (This supposedly was their excuse last time they were caught red handed).
We never ever allow there to be only one person in the shop when it is open, there are undesirables that knock about every town and it wouldn’t be safe, we have a walky talky radio that links to the police station just in case and we have a burglar alarm, we are taking responsibility for the safety of the staff and the shop to a level that we can afford.
We have now taken to removing any pieces of funeral work for early delivery and storing them at the St. Annes shop for safe keeping, we ensure that no paper orders are kept on the premises because we don’t want to lose them in the mess that follows one of these break ins, but this is all so upsetting for the staff and us, we know far worse things happen to other people but really not of us should have to put up with it!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Return for Loyalty

Fabulous Asiatic lilies are back in season and amazing value for money, the colours are sensational this is Brunello, a long lasting and strong autumnal variety. We will be using it in many of our designs next week.
Kathleen's now has its very own loyalty card, so for every £10.00 you spend you get a stamp on your card after 10 stamps you recieve a £10.00 bouquet absolutely free of charge. So make sure to ask Caz and her team for your first loyalty card.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

80th Birthday Celebrations

These are the beautiful flowers we arranged for a ladies 80th Birthday at the St. Annes YMCA today.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Kathleen's by Night

Kathleen’s by night

This is the fabulous window display designed by Caz; it is inspired by Moroccan nights at the Kasbah. The colours are jewel shades, vibrant and rich. Lots of hanging lanterns and mosaic style vases.
Just the reminder we all need of warmer places.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Very Lovely Shirl the Girl

This is Shirl, everyone loves working with Shirl because she so totally conscientious and her floristry is simply beyond gorgeous! Shirl has worked at Kathleens for Eleven Years today! so Congratulations Shirl for staying the course and still looking so damn happy!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Charasmatic Rosemary

This is the very charasmatic Rosemary, Rosemary & Shirl do most of the wedding work at Kathleen's, Rosemary is Constance Spry trained (Very Posh) and make the very best buttonholes and corsages on The Fylde Coast.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Charity Dave

This is Dave one of our very famous local customers, Dave raises loads of money for local Charities and comes into Kathleen's all of the time

Lovely handtied posies and gift wrapped pot plants always ready for last minute gifts

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Uncrowned Queen

This is Vicky, the uncrowned Queen of Kathleen's.
Welcome to one of the first of many blog posts from Kathleen's florist, as many of you know Kathleen's is a completely family owned and run business. Vicky has worked at Kathleen's for 21 years, Vicky and I have worked together through births, marriages, divorces (Mine not hers), bereavements, Big birthday celebrations and also a couple of recessions and we're still both here to tell the tale.

Kathleen's is a very special littlle shop, we've been here for many, many years one of the oldest family run florist businesses on The Fylde and we are very proud of the work we produce and the services we can offer. The floristry is very beautiful and maintains all of the traditional qualities that we have made famous in South Shore. Over the years Kathleen's has won many coveted prizes including North West Funeral Florsit of the Year, North West Florist of the Year, Wedding Florist of the Year, Flower Council Gold Medallists and Chelsea Flower Show Medal winners.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Wedding Flowers from Kathleen's

This a beautiful wedding that we did on Saturday, the ceremony and the reception were both held at The Devere. Above is the Matron of Honours bouquet which had a sel;ection of vintage shaded roses and some contemporary bear grass caging.
This is the bridal bouquet of assorted vintage roses studded with diamnates and pearls

The Flower girls basket of fresh rose petals, The corsage of Roses and Alstromeria for the Brides Mother.

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